Yes! Helipaddy works with property groups, restaurant guides, hotel collections etc. in order to let pilots know which locations have been independently or externally reviewed. More info can be found here

When you are editing your site, scroll down and you will see a 'Partners' section. This drop-down includes a number of these guides, groups, and collections - if yours isn't listed, let us know! When you have selected a partner from the dropdown:

1. Click the Connect button. You will see a box like this appear:

2. Please include the second part of the URL for your location's listing on this partner's website. For example, if your site was listed in the Helipaddy ***Recommends Guide with the website - - you would simply include '/yoursite' in this field.

3. When you click Add you will see the URL of your listing appear. You can click this link to check you've included the correct link. If you find you've added the wrong link, simply click delete and try again.

4. Once you've finished connecting yourself to your group(s), click Save all changes at the bottom of the page

5. We'll then review your changes, and once we accept these changes your listing in Helipaddy will directly link to your profile/review on the website of the group/guide.