Helipaddy is the world's largest off-airfield landing site database connecting helicopter pilots with interesting, heli-friendly landing locations around the world. With over 11,000 landing sites including hotels, restaurants, museums, racing tracks, distilleries, and many more, Helipaddy is the go-to tool to #knowwheretoland.

Our Story: Helipaddy founders, Paddy Wills and Sarah Chenevix-Trench, were tired of looking through old, outdated information on heli-friendly destinations, particularly hotels and restaurants. What started as a personal interest project amongst pilot friends, has grown into a pilot community where members can add comments, update landing details, add newly discovered heli-friendly locations, share new sites with friends, and generally contribute to the global improvement of flying helis! Helipaddy encourages considerate flying, especially noise awareness and the respecting of neighbouring residents and their animals, as well as other guests.

Our Mission: At Helipaddy our mission is to improve General Aviation by making helicopter flying more enjoyable and accessible through effective knowledge sharing.

Our Offering: Helipaddy offers two types and two tiers of membership:

  • Owners: The Owner account allows you to open up your site to thousands of helicopter pilots seeking new and exciting places to land their helicopters. If you own or operate a heli-friendly business, please make sure to check out our landing site owners FAQ to make sure your site is listed.  N.B: Helipaddy is only available to Owners via the online dashboard.