Helipaddy is the world's largest off-airfield landing site database. We are the world's top resource for finding heli-friendly hotels, restaurants, B&B's, museums, and much more - including aerodromes, or course! 

Prior to the inception of Helipaddy, there was no reliable database or guide that listed heli-friendly locations, even though helicopter pilots have for decades been actively seeking new and exciting places to visit. Previously if a pilot did manage to find landing information for a viable hotel - often in print - the details were usually unreliable as they were either fragmented, dated, inconsistent, or simply incorrect. By developing the first and only reliable directory dedicated to finding heli-friendly hotels and other landing sites, Helipaddy has made life easier for pilots wishing to make the most of their rotorcraft. 

The Helipaddy database is accessible through our mobile apps (Android and iOS) and our online dashboard. The apps are completely free to download and there is no cost to join our global pilot community. Pilots can view our Pilot Support Portal for full app features and further information.

If you own or operate a heli-friendly business, please make sure to check out our landing site owners FAQ to make sure your site is listed.