Helipaddy releases regular app updates, adding new pads every day.  This short guide will ensure that your app is always up-to-date.

Refreshing the App

This ensures that you have the most current information and maps.

Regardless of your device's operating system, App refreshes run smoothest when you have a strong data signal. A Wi-Fi connection is best! Pad refreshes may take a few moments, please be patient. T
he app will also automatically complete a refresh the first time you start the app after downloading updates from Google Play/The App Store. If, after a refresh, you notice that a large number of the pads are no longer visible, your Premium membership may have expired. 

The right of your Menu Bar (top-right corner of your screen) has an icon with three dots, which is the drop-down menu. You will see 'Refresh' in this list, and tapping it starts the refresh.

iOS - In the top Nav-bar, you will see a refresh icon (two arrows forming a square).  Tapping this 'refresh' button (also found in the burger menu) will start a pad update.  

Updating the App

This ensures that you have the latest Helipaddy tools, features, and functionality. Depending on your device's account settings, you may be pushed updates by Google Play or the App Store to let you know that updates are available, and your device may even perform these updates automatically. If your device or account settings do not automatically update the apps then you will have to do this manually. 

Android - how to update apps is best covered here - https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113412?hl=en-GB&ref_topic=3364265

iOS - in the App Store there is an 'Updates' tab at the bottom of your screen. If you tap this you will see which apps of yours have updates available, and you can select individual apps to update or simply update all.