The Landing Not Possible (LNP) checkbox allows sites to mark themselves as NEVER allowing helicopter landings, even for guests and/or paying customers.  

Sites that are marked as LNP do not appear to pilots looking for new and exciting places to visit. Sites should only mark themselves as LNP if they:
- do not have the capacity to accept helicopters
- never allow landings

Leaving this box unchecked does NOT mean:
- pilots can land on your property without permission
- you have a designated helipad
- you have a dedicated helicopter landing area

All sites in Helipaddy require prior permission from the site owner to verify the landing site. See our info on PPR and landing site requirements for more information on these topics. 

N.B Details about particular times of the day or year that your site does not accept helicopters, for example, should be included in your site's 'Landing information'.