Denmark has an extensive coastline of long sandy beaches on the west coast and some beautiful islands on the east coast. However, much of this coastline is studded with bird sanctuaries operating from surface to 1000 ft. and for a small country the charts show some very large danger and restricted areas.  A general guide to VFR flying in Denmark links here. Danish airspace also covers the Faroe islands which are class A and Iceland. 

Landing in what are termed 'non-approved helicopter landing areas' is  permitted providing you have the permission of the owner and the site is suitable If the landing area is within 5km of a public aerodrome the the ATS of that airfield must co-ordinate the flight. There are very large movements of birds across Denmark in Spring, peaking in April and in the  Autumn, peaking October, with 100 million birds passing over the country. They tend to follow the coastlines at about 1000ft during the day and 3000ft at night -worth keeping a look out!

UPDATE: The amazing guys at OpenFlightMaps have released FREE Denmark charts - see