If you are viewing a landing site and are unable to see the 'Site Operators Notes' it is because one or more of the following is true:

1. You are not logged in. To see landing information for any landing site in Helipaddy you must first register!

2. You are not a Premium member. The landing information and other pad details for hotels, restaurants, B&B's, and unregistered airfields is only visible to Premium pilots and the designated Owner of the site. If the owner of the pad is a Premium member then their pad can be seen by any registered Helipaddy member.

3. The Site Operators Notes are awaiting approval by the Site Owner.  To promote Pilot safety, such information will not be published if a site is unclaimed (does not have an owner attached to it) or they have not yet verified the information.  In this case we encourage Pilot's to contact the site and let them know how important it is to add information to the Site Operator's Notes field to ensure pilots have all the information they need to make a safe landing.