Helipaddy gives pilots the opportunity to add and share your own pads, allowing you and your friends to store locations and easily navigate to them - whilst benefitting from Helipaddy tools such as wind direction and TripAdvisor ‘nearby’ information.  Now you can share 'inside knowledge' about landing at sites including your back yard or hidden gems you just want to keep within your friends or colleagues.  Premium members can even add these sites to their techlog and use these pads in Trip planning!

Adding pads is completely free for EVERY Helipaddy member, and the pads will be accessible to you for the life of your membership, both in the apps and through the online dashboard.  There are two general types of pads - private and public:

Private pads can only be seen by you and your friends - they can’t be seen by other Helipaddy members or found online by the general public.

Public pads are visible to all Helipaddy members - but they must first be checked for accuracy by the Helipaddy team!


We greatly encourage pilots to contribute new sites to the database in order to help other pilots find new places to explore and to reward these places for being heli-friendly by exposing them to other pilots!  

Sharing Private Sites with Friends

1. Add a Pad

Before sharing a desired pad with other users on Helipaddy, you must ensure that the pad exists on Helipaddy.  For instructions on this please first read our solution on How to add your own pads in Helipaddy.  

2. Add friends to your friends list (in-App only)


Once you have added a pad you wish to share with friends, you need to add these friends to your friends list in-App. 


In the app, select the 'Friends' feature in the drop-down menu tab.  Tapping this takes you to your friends in Helipaddy (note that if you are new to Helipaddy this list will be empty!). Adding new friends is easy - simply tap the '+' button and enter their email.  If they are a Helipaddy member they will receive the friendship request in-app, else they will be sent an email with instructions on accepting your friend request.  


3. Altering your pad sharing settings


Once your friend accepts your request, they can see your shared private pads and your location (if you are sharing it). There are two ways to set which pads of yours they see (shared private pads).

In-app - Tap on the pad of yours you wish to review the sharing setting for. Private pads of yours will appear as blue markers.

You will see the Share Settings as a switch - ‘on’ means your friends can see the pad, ‘off’ means they cannot.


Online - Login, go to your ‘Pads’ tab and scroll down to ‘My pads’

You can turn sharing on or off for a single pad by toggling the “Set Shared” button in the Actions Column (it’s the third button across, between delete and favourite).


Note that in-app you can turn off which friend’s pads you see, but this does not influence them seeing your pads - you have to turn each pad off individually (unless you remove them as a friend completely by swiping left on their name). Simply toggle the switch for that particular friend to turn off your visibility of their pads. This will also turn off your ability to see their location if they are sharing it. To prevent all friends from seeing your location, simply toggle the 'Share my Location' option off in the Account tab.