The Helipaddy app automatically records when you have been near a pad in the database and then suggests these locations as sites you’ve visited, helping you to remember where you’ve been and keep your logbook accurate.   Helipaddy Premium members can export these landings to their Logbook, and Helipaddy will estimate your datacon readings, time of flight and more.  

Recording landings is easy: 

1. Start the Helipaddy app and go flying - the Helipaddy app needs to be running in the background to be able to register when you are near a pad.  

2. Once you have finished flying, login to your Online Dashboard and go to your landings tab:

3. Save your landings.  Any potential landings that have been automatically detected but not yet saved will appear in dark grey.  If you would like to confirm these as a landing, click the ‘+’ button to the right and enter the correct time and date if needed.  If you accidentally delete a suggested landing, or would like to add one manually, you can do so by clicking ‘Add new landing’.  

4. Review saved landings.  Once a landing is saved, you will be given four options for this landing: 

  1. Edit - Edit the details of your landing (unavailable once the pad owner confirms the landing).
  2. Copy to Logbook - Import the landing to your Helipaddy Logbook.
  3. Add landing to site owner's records - Sends a follow-up emailt to the owner of the site, requesting that they confirm your landing. Once the owner confirms your landing, the status will change to 'Confirmed in green'.
  4. Remove - Deletes the landing record