The ‘Landings’ tab benefits all Helipaddy pilots, and make keeping track of your flights a breeze! 

The Helipaddy apps now automatically record when you have been near a pad in the database, and then suggest these locations as sites you’ve visited - in one click your Helipaddy account becomes a simple way of remembering where you’ve been, helping you to keep your logbook accurate. Helipaddy Premium members can then export these Landings to their Logbook, and Helipaddy will cleverly estimate your datcon readings, time of flight, and more. There’s no limit to the number of landings you can record - get those rotors running and go exploring!

Recording landings is easy:

1. Start the Helipaddy app, which is free to download from the App store or Play Store

2. Go flying! Find somewhere new and exciting using the Helipaddy apps or online dashboard

3. Login to your Online Dashboard when you finish your adventure, and go to your landings tab:

4. Save your landings. Any potential landings of yours that have been automatically detected but are not yet validated by you will appear in dark grey. If you wish to save any potential record as a landing, click the 
 button to the right and then enter the correct date and time if needed. Clicking the  button will remove the record. If you accidentally delete a suggested landing, or the system didn’t pick it up, you can add it yourself by clicking ‘Add new landing’, searching for the pad and adding the correct date and time. Once you have saved the desired landings, they will no longer appear greyed-out, and will appear like the first entry in the table below.

5. You will now have four options to the right of the the entry - 

Edit - this allows you to edit the details of your landing (unavailable once the Pad owner confirms the landing)

Copy to Logbook - this imports the landing to your Helipaddy Logbook

Add landing to site owner’s records - This sends a follow-up email to the owner of the site, requesting that they confirm your landing. Once you have sent the confirmation request to the owner, the button will become invalid - make sure you have the correct date and time! Once the owner confirms your landing you will see the status change to ‘Confirmed’ in green.

Remove - trashes your record 

6. Find your next destination in Helipaddy!