Commenting in Helipaddy is simple to do and is the best way to let other pilots know what you thought of a landing site. Was the service better than expected? How much did fuel cost? Where was the best place to leave the heli overnight? Not only will these comments help other pilots make informed decisions, but they let the landing site owners and operators know how they can improve the experience of visiting pilots and their friends

Your Helipaddy nickname will be recorded next to your comments, and this can be edited from your account settings in-app or online.

Commenting Through the Online Dashboard

To comment on a pad online, go to the Map at the Info tab in your online dashboard and find the pad - either by searching for it and selecting it from the dropdown then clicking ‘view’ or by selecting it on the map itself. 

When viewing the pad, scroll down to the comments section. You’ll be able to view other pilots’ comments and add your own, make sure to let others know whether you agree with their comments or not, too!