The policies for landing off airfield in Germany are very different to that of neighbouring countries such as the UK, Belgium and France.  We rate Germany as POOR for private helicopter pilots.

The Aeronautical Authorities of Germany are divided into regional councils that operate as distinctly different governing bodies, they are referred to as "Landesluftfahrtbehörden" or National Aviation Authorities. For a list of the regions please click here . The general policy in Germany appears to be to discourage helicopter operations, so although each region operates independently the attitude to helicopters is similar.

Each region has its own rules, regulations and laws that restrict the landing of private helicopters off-airfield.

If you wish to land at any site that is not an aerodrome, be it your own back yard or a helipad at a hotel you must must communicate with the Aeronautical Authority of the local region explaining why the local Aerodrome is unsuitable for the landing. For an example of the off airfield landing policies of the Aviation Authority of Southern Bavaria please follow this link.  It is a truly byzantine process.

To request permission to land outside of an Aerodrome then one must launch an application to receive permission, a so called “Außenstart- und –landeerlaubnis”. An appropriate application form can be found here.

As an example of the attitude of the German authorities Helipaddy found the following  excerpt translated from correspondence with the Upper Joint Aviation Authority of Berlin-Brandenburg -

 "In Germany helicopters should, in principle, land at aerodromes . According to § 25 Air Traffic Act (Aviation Act), the aviation authority may grant waivers for the landing outside of aerodromes, if a private pilot wants to land on his own premises. But, for the landings at hotels we provide private pilots no exemption".

In summary, it is incredibly difficult as a private pilot to receive permission for off-airfield landings in Germany (unless you own the premises). The process would require a hefty amount of prior research and in any case may be rejected. In tourist areas there is a blanket embargo on all helicopter takeoffs and landings from June 1st to October 15th.