With over 11,000 heli-friendly landing sites across the globe, Helipaddy really is the go-to tool for pilots looking to expand their horizons beyond landing at airfields. Helipaddy is the world's largest off-airfield landing site database, including hotels, restaurants, museums, racing tracks, distilleries, and many more. With Helipaddy you’ll always  #knowwheretoland. 

Helipaddy is completely free to download (iOS or Android app) and become a member.  Pilots bored of only landing at airfields, however, can become a Premium member for just  £29.99 per year.  Helipaddy Premium gives pilots access to all moderated sites across the globe, as well as:

- Access to cool pilot tools online including techlog and trip planning

- The ability to add your comments and suggestions about Helipaddy sites.

- Exclusive offers from Helipaddy establishments.

- Access to Helipaddy’s events calendar

- The ability to send PPR requests directly from Helipaddy

To become a member, check out our support guide to registering as a pilot. See you in the skies!