To put it simply, if you're a helicopter pilot looking to improve your aviation experience then Helipaddy is a must-have. Helipaddy is the world's largest database of off-airfield landing sites and gives you access to detailed information on thousands of hotels, restaurants, B&B's, and much more. 

It is completely free to download the app and become a member. In order to see all pads and experience our full set of tools and features you can become a Premium member for an annual fee of £30. You can also earn your membership by finding new sites or referring friends! 

Whatever your level of membership, Helipaddy is the ultimate pilot tool. As a non-premium pilot you can still:

- add as many sites as you please, with as much information attached to them as you wish

- share these pads privately with your friends

- see all aerodromes and aerial points of interest

- use all in-flight tools

To become a member, check out our support guide to registering as a pilot. See you in the skies!