Nothing!  It is completely free to download and register with Helipaddy.  

Helipaddy offers two tiers of membership: Free and Premium.  

Free membership allows you to: 

  • Add unlimited sites  

  • Share pads privately with friends update this

  • See all aerodromes and aerial points of interest 

  • Use in-flight tools

Premium allows you to access the full range of Helipaddy site listings and features for just £49.99 a year! Avoid the time hassle, and uncertainty of going back to manual flight planning: 

  • Full site listings - See all site listings available within Helipaddy, including luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants and boutique vineyards, not just aerodromes!

  • Trusted site information - 100% trusted site information and landing instructions submitted directly by site owners, reviewed and commented on by pilots.

  • External compatibility - Export Helipaddy sites and trip plans to SkyDemon or Garmin apps.

  • Direct Booking - Communicate directly with site owners for in-app bookings, reservations and PPR requests.

  • Helipaddy Community - Join the global Helipaddy community of over 5,000 users and receive exclusive Helipaddy offers, as well as invitations to fly-ins and events.


Pro tip! Earn free Helipaddy Premium membership by contributing 6 or more pads to the public database or by referring a friend!