The information in this article may be outdated, for current information please see our France Country Guide.

A certificate is required and there is a somewhat inexplicable two month delay to get the approval.  Use the form attached below.  Other than that France is categorised as EXCELLENT  for flying around in a helicopter.

  • A great site for general info:
  • You can view French airfield plates through the eAIP available here.
  • Mountain flying information here and here.
  • We have thrown together a useful list of airport lingo to use when flying in France if your French is a bit rusty - Flying in French
We have a very large number of landing sites that welcome helicopters in France.  Here is the map of NW France to give you an idea:

UPDATE FROM A HELIPADDY MEMBER:  Had I been challenged without the correct paperwork, I could have faced a €10,000 bill.  Even worse, our French friends could have possessed one's aircraft. Hence I have all the paperwork in the aircraft folder - stamps and seals are always sure to impress.