Not at all! As long is there is space for helicopter(s) to safely land with the property owner's permission, you can be included in Helipaddy. Landing at private sites is part of the pilot training programme so pilots will be looking for a level area roughly the size of two tennis courts with an into-wind approach that is clear of tall trees. For more guidance on helicopter landing site criteria, click here. Note: The rules are more stringent for commercial flights with fare-paying passengers. 

You should make sure the landing instructions are clear in your Helipaddy profile and the exact landing site is marked accurately on the map. 

Remember: Most of our members are flying personal helicopters that fit 2-8 people - there won't be a Chinook touching down next to your rose garden!  The noise associated with such machines is much quieter and less prolonged than expected as the heli is only coming in to land, not perform training exercises or wild manoeuvres. The excitement other guests experience when a helicopter lands greatly outweighs any perceived noise issues associated with these amazing machines.