Helipaddy offers landing sites the ability to keep a record of landings at their pad.  

There are two ways to register a landing in your Online Dashboard: 

  1. Pilots using Helipaddy’s automatic logging system to detect landings at locations they visit.  If we record a pilot landing at your site, this will automatically be added to your ‘Landings’ tab for your approval.  To confirm an auto recorded landing, simply click the ‘+’ button and add any missing details before saving.  

  2. Manually add a landing using the ‘Add a New Landing’ in the ‘Landings’ tab of your Online Dashboard.  Doing so will prompt you to add details of the landing before saving.  

Pro tip!  Premium Owners
 have the option to track landings using the Loyalty program, which makes staying within any rules or regulations much easier and gives you the tools to incentivise repeat visits.