If your site welcomes visits from helicopters, there is a good chance you’re already listed in Helipaddy.  Check our owner’s lookup to check if you are already in Helipaddy.  

To add your establishment to Helipaddy: 

  1. Register for free as an Owner 

  2. In your ‘My Sites’ tab, click the ‘add a pad’ button and fill out your details.  Make sure the pin is place on the map where you want pilots to land.  

  3. Once you’ve saved the site, you will receive an email to confirm your submission.  Follow the link in the email to review your information, then click ‘Save’ to submit this site to be included.  

  4. On the next page, click the ‘Manage this site now’ button (underneath the map) so as to be verified and added as the site owner.

Pro tip!  See our guide on how to look good in Helipaddy or visit our blog for helpful hints on what information to include for your site.