Being listed in Helipaddy is completely free, as is registering as an owner and claiming your site. Helipaddy is the only landing site directory of its kind and is trusted by pilots from every corner of the Earth.

Establishments that are listed in Helipaddy and have claimed their site can go Premium to really stand out from the crowd, giving them targeted exposure to our large global community of helicopter pilots who are constantly looking for new places to visit and explore. 

To help understand the benefits of Helipaddy Premium for establishments (hotels, restaurants, B&B's, etc.) the below table shows which sites pilots can see in our apps and online maps.

Premium Pilots
Basic Pilots
Sites Visible Entire database Aerodromes, Premium establishments
 Sites NOT Visible Basic establishments
% of Global Pilot Community 19 81

As you can see, free membership means you can still be seen by 19% of pilots - but when the other 81% are looking for somewhere to visit, they do not see your location as an option!

For a low fee of £12.50/month you can literally put your site on the map, allowing you to be found by the entire Helipaddy pilot community, amongst many other benefits. Not only is your site now visible to the entire pilot community, it is also marked more prominently than surrounding pads - meaning that when pilots look in your region, they see you first. 

We also make sure to prioritise locations that are welcoming of pilots when assisting and various helicopter tour operators or private individuals.

Being a Premium establishment also allows you to add your own offers and events that are seen by the entire Helipaddy community, whilst giving you additional tools like the Loyalty Scheme which allows you to keep track of landings at your location. To go Premium, check out the Go Premium! tab in your dashboard or click the Free Premium Trial button in your My Sites tab. 

Pro Tip: Once you register as an owner and claim your site your dashboard will have a number of options for getting the most value out of your Helipaddy membership!