Here at Helipaddy, we encourage all site owners to keep their details accurate in order to promote safe and considerate flying. If your site is listed in Helipaddy, the best way to do this is to claim your site. Claiming your site gives you control over the information pilots see, let’s pilots submit landing requests direct to you, lets you see what pilots are saying about you whilst also giving you the option to add offers and events to attract them. 

Registering as an owner and claiming your site is completely free, and if you own or operate multiple sites you can do all this from the same account. Multiple owners can own the same site, too, meaning that no pilot request will be missed. 

To register and claim your site:

1. Go to to register as an owner.

2. Login to your Owner's Dashboard at

3. Find your site using the search in your 'My sites' tab (more helpful info on this here)

4. Click 'Manage this site now' 

We'll then make sure that you are indeed the owner of your site, and once we've approved your claim you will be able to view and edit your information, as well as share your Helipaddy listing with pilots who wish to visit your site. Why not link directly to your listing from your website?