One of the many great features of Helipaddy is that you can add your own pads, allowing you to navigate to them, plan trips with them and best of all, share them with friends. Better still, every site you add will have up-to-date local weather information and details of any nearby locations thanks to TripAdvisor. 

To add a pad in-app:

1. Move the map by dragging with one finger and zoom in on the landing site by spreading/stretching two fingers apart (alternatively you can search for a nearby postcode to take you straight there).

2. Once you can see the landing site location on the map, hold down on spot helicopter should land at until a green dot appears. This will add the site to your queue. You will see a flag appear above your ‘Queue’, in the Menu bar.  
3. Go to your Queue and select the pad from the list (or click on the green pin again that just appeared), you can then edit the pad information as you please. 
 Because we expect you to be operating in areas of weak data signal, Helipaddy stores these pads on the device.  Once you have a signal and have added as much information as possible, select save. 

4. When you save a site, it is PRIVATE to you. See our article on submitting sites to Helipaddy if you would like to let other pilots know about this site. 

To add a pad online: The quickest way to add a pad online is to go to - anyone can add a site but remember to put in your own Helipaddy email address as the submitter email if you are already a member.   

You can also add landing sites through your Helipaddy online dashboard, which is available to Premium AND non-premium members. In your 'Pads' tab you will see the ‘Add new pad’ button in the My Pads section. Fill out the Add-a-pad form with as much information as possible, and make sure to save the site by clicking ‘save’ at the bottom of the page. Whilst we encourage pilots to contribute to the Helipaddy community as much as possible, if you do not wish to share the pad with Helipaddy for public moderation (meaning it will be visible to all pilots), make sure to tick the appropriate box directly under the map! After saving, the pad will enter your 'My Pads' list. If after adding a private pad you decide that you would like to share a pad with the rest of the Helipaddy community, you can simply press the ‘+’ symbol on the far right of the buttons next to the pad.

Any site you have added will appear as a blue pad on your maps, both in-app and online.

Bulk Upload:

You can also send us a GPX, KML, KMZ Skydemon or any other waypoint file and we will add the places for you. Send to and we will upload the lot. 

Pro-Tip: You can submit your private sites for public addition, allowing other pilots to see them. To thank you for contributing to the pilot community, we have rewards for members who add 6 or more pads - check out our article on how to earn free Premium!